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1958 - The Oak Creek Lions Club was formed on June 10, 1958 by two generous and caring men, Lion Lenny Weiss (the first President) and Lion Earl Nowak. They were quickly joined by 36 others to make our Club a leader in volunteer service.

The Club began raising funds to support community efforts by holding cash drawings. There was a small budget at the time, and they worked hard to help as many people as possible. As the Club gained members they searched for other ways to raise funds.

1960's - In the early 1960s the Oak Creek Lions Club started their own "Lion's Festival." The first festival was held in the Miller Park area, where the Armory and Oak Creek Community Center are now located. It was small and consisted of a portable grill, a few barrels of beer, pony rides and a restroom built over a hole in the ground. The feature was a raffle; guess the weight of the pig. He was a huge hog named "Lombardi"!

Each year thereafter the festival grew. First it moved to S.27th Street north of Oakwood Road, which was the 9 Mile Inn at the time. More rides and games were added and soon parking became a problem. The next move was to the American Legion Grounds of Post 434 on Shepard Ave. A large tent was home for quite a few years. It covered the kitchen area, bar, entertainment and dance area. As with any major event, everything had to be set up, cleaned and stored each year.

1970's - In the 1970s a permanent building was build at Post 434, which is now our home. Since then permanent toilets, a kitchen, freezers, coolers, lighting, asphalt, and a walking and seating area have been added.

1996 - A large outdoor pavilion was built. This pavilion, called the "Lenny Weiss Pavilion", was named in honor of our first president. This building houses a new outdoor stage for dancing, a seating area, a storage area and the Lion's office. 

2010 - The Oak Creek Lions Community Foundation was established. The Club recognized the need for a charitable 501(c)3 to support our ongoing services. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide services and assistance for larger and more costly community projects than the Club can consider. This includes financial support for the Oak Creek Library, the Oak Creek High School scoreboard, Scholarships and more. 

2020 - Our Club is 100 members strong. We continue to hold our biggest fundraiser, LionsFest, over Labor Day Weekend. We also provide services in our community (highway cleanup, cook for events, etc.) and we continue to hold many other events to raise funds so that we may better serve our community and the world. We give 100% of all proceeds... we are all volunteers!

Since 1958, we have served countless numbers of people in need and have donated over two million dollars to support those in need. WE SERVE!

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